Mtn unlimited browsing cheat for June 2020

The era of cheat has been limited since it got reported by some intruders or we call them people that don’t what us to browse freely from our Network providers nevertheless a new mtn free browsing cheat was just discovered which seems to be unlimited yes latest mtn unlimited free browsing cheat for June 2020 or we call it mtn 0.0k Since you don’t need to activate any plan before you can make use of the mtn cheat.
The cheat is certain in such a way that only people with mtn special sim are available or eligible to make use if the unlimited browsing cheat on Mtn 0.0k seems bad, so if you have the special sim with you then you can proceed to get the next requirements if you don’t just forget and wait for any alternative tweak if possible. 


Requirements for latest mtn unlimited free browsing cheat (mtn 0.0k) 

  • Mtn special sim as we said earlier. 
  • 3G or 4G enabled android devices. 
  • Ec tunnel VPN gets it from the play store or below.
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Can I use this?

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  1. What's mtn special sim

    1. It is a special sim on Mtn.... It is expensive to acquire

    2. Contact ent class for it