Banker: I have long withdrawn all interest in marriage.

Builder: Most marriages these days are built on weak foundations  - the pillars of which are not strong enough to sustain any marital edifice.

Cartoonist: It is a lack of humour that makes most marriages stiff and tense. Couples should draw inspirations from funny little things that make them laugh.

Coffin Maker: Marriage is a dying institution, emotions within are dead! Believe me it is a very grave situation.

Dry Cleaner: Couples should not wash their dirty linen in public. They should learn to iron out their differences within the four walls of their bedroom!

Farmer: Couples should cultivate the habit of doing things together. Even when problems crop up, they should put their hands together. On the long run, they will harvest the fruit of their labour.

Driver: Marriage is not a one way traffic, the road is bumpy and most of the times you may have to make u-turns when things are not moving in the right direction.

Economist: Value should be placed on marriage. That is the only way we can truly determine its assets!

Geographer: Couples should map out plans to strengthen their union because marriage is an island entirely surrounded by troubles.

Insurance Man: Marriage is a comprehensive matter for you and your wife alone. You shouldnt let a third party come in.

Lawyer: I believe that both partners should constantly sue for peace knowing fully well that marriage is a binding agreement between two parties.

Mathematician: Marriage should be a 50-50 affair but sad that over 80% of married couples doesnt have that. Additionally, I believe that understanding is a very vital factor for successful marriage. If you subtract understanding, what you have left is marriage of convenience.

Musician: Most marriages fail because the couples cannot sustain their basic rhythm that is prerequisite to a sound and sonorous union.

Photographer: Most people dont have clean picture of what they want before jumping into it. And when marriage develops k-leg they snap out of it without a thought.

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